When you work at RPI, how and when can you expect to get paid?

Let us be honest – don’t we all want to see our hard-earned money in our bank accounts as soon as possible?

At RPI Consulting Group, we endeavour to pay our candidates in an efficient and timely manner – much faster then any other healthcare recruitment company in the country, no matter if you are a Nurse, Doctor, Pharmacist or Personal Support Worker.

Our Easy Bill invoice system helps you to keep track of your working days and hours and allows you to invoice us anytime after you have completed your assignment – whether it’s for one shift, or two weeks’ worth.

Isn’t it amazing not having to wait for a payday to come and being able to control when you will receive your money? All you have to do is to submit your invoice to us!

How to invoice us for your shifts

  1. Log into your RPI account rpigroup.ca online or via mobile app Android or iOS
  2. Scroll to the “My Account” section
  3. Select the “Easy Bill” option from the main menu on the left-hand side
  4. Select the dates you have worked and want to invoice us for
  5. Select “Proceed”
  6. You will see a pop up summarizing the selected shifts, please ensure all dates are accurate
  7. After reviewing all your information click “Confirm” and the Invoice will be automatically send to RPI Consulting group

If you think you may have made an error in submitting your invoice to us, there’s no need to panic! Simply contact your Account Manager and inform them of your mistake, and they’ll take care of it.


When to submit your invoices 

Our accounting team dedicates every Friday to payroll matters and therefore requires all invoices to be submitted no later than Thursday before 5:00 PM so delays can be avoided.

After your invoice has been processed, you’ll receive your pay by one of several methods, such as electronic email transfers (EMTs), electronic fund transfers (EFTs) or traditional cheques, with your Account Manager deciding which method is most suitable on a candidate-by-candidate basis.

In most cases, you will receive your pay within 4-5 business days in your bank account when sent via electronic email transfer or electronic fund transfer. Candidates that are receiving cheques should check their mailbox within the same time frame, but it might take a little bit longer depending on your location.

Please keep in mind that payments will not be processed or delivered on weekends and/or statutory holidays, and any invoices submitted late on Thursday evenings or Fridays will be processed the following week.

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