Looking To Hire A Relief Pharmacist? let rpi do the heavy lifting for you

If you’re looking to hire a Pharmacy Manager, Pharmacist, Prescribing Pharmacist, Registered Pharmacy Technician, or Pharmacy Assistant, RPI can help you find the perfect candidate quickly and efficiently through our seamless vetting process.

Here’s How:

Once you’ve determined what type of relief you require – whether it’s only for a few shifts, more regular coverage, or looking for a Pharmacist on a long-term basis, simply contact us and one of our expert Account Managers will be thrilled to touch base with you to discuss your opportunity

What Are You Looking For?

Feel free to let us know all your hard and soft requirements so that our recruitment team can find the absolute best match for your facility. Here are some examples to name a few.

Hard Requirements – These Are The Must-Haves

  • The system used in the pharmacy, i.e Kroll, Nexxys, Delta etc.
  • Additional certification requirements?
  • Should the Pharmacist be certified to administer injections?
  • Should the Pharmacist have experience dispensing methadone?

Soft Requirements – These Are the Nice-To-Haves

  • Additional languages?
  • Specific disposition related to your facility?
  • Customer service background?

Now It’s Time For Us To Get To Work

After all timelines, requirements, and rates are set, it’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and source top-notch candidates that meet all your criteria. You can expect our highly knowledgeable Recruitment and Management team to keep you informed every step of the way during the selection process. Once this is complete, a contract will be sent to you as well as your new candidate for signatures.

In Closing

Our services are 100% FREE OF CHARGE until we find your perfect Pharmacy Manager, Pharmacist, Prescribing Pharmacist, Registered Pharmacy Technician, or Pharmacy Assistant. An invoice will only be generated upon the first day of work. This will consist of the negotiated rate plus applicable taxes. No payments are due for 30 days.

It’s that simple! Don’t hesitate to reach out to RPI today and leave it to us!

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