Tips from the Pharmacy Recruitment Agency Experts: Travel Assignments with RPI – What Do I Need to Know?

How you can prepare yourself for a locum pharmacy assignment in a location further away from home.

Working with RPI Consulting Group comes with a lot of benefits. One of the benefits that candidates can take advantage of are travel assignments. Travel assignments give candidates the opportunity to explore parts of the country that they would not have the opportunity to otherwise. If you’re tired of living in the bustling and busy city, we’ve got a great selection of pharmacy opportunities for you in more rural areas, or even more mid-sized towns. These opportunities are available to pharmacy assistants, pharmacy technicians, pharmacists, and even pharmacy managers. If you fit any of these categories, you’ll most definitely want to work with us!


In addition to discovering scenic locations, travel assignments offer greater financial compensation in comparison to local relief assignments. Most candidates jump at the opportunity to work these travel assignments the second they become available but the big question on every candidate’s mind prior to their first travel assignment is: who takes care of the travel expenses? Read further to understand how this works!


In case you were wondering how our payment system works, read this article.


Many Factors Come Into Play


This question cannot be answered in a few words as travel assignments have a lot of variable factors that can influence which party takes care of what expenses. The parties who can take the responsibility for taking care of travel expenses are the pharmacy, RPI Consulting Group (the pharmacy recruiting agency) or the candidate themselves.


As pharmacies in remote locations are more familiar with accommodations available in their area, the pharmacy itself generally prefers to take care of this responsibility. Sometimes, the pharmacy decides that they do not want to take care of the additional expenses or put the work into sourcing a location for the candidates’ accommodation. In these situations, our client prefers that RPI handle this expense.


The candidate also has the option to choose to pay for their own accommodation, which has numerous benefits. When candidates choose to take care of their own accommodations, RPI  Consulting Group provides financial compensation, which motivates them to make this decision. In addition to financial compensation, candidates also have the ability to write this expense off as an independent contractor while doing their taxes.


Concluding Remarks


In the end, it would be a good idea if you look at the potential costs of accommodation and transport to the location of your locum relief shift assignment. But also look at costs like food, that will be added on top, which will be covered by you.
If you have any questions about any of this, or if you know how it works and want to get working on a relief pharmacy shift assignment, then please call me! I love getting to know all of our talented personnel and moving mountains to bring them great work opportunities.
Thanks for reading!


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