Hiring Now: Full-Time Pharmacy Manager Opportunity near Prince George, British Columbia

Generous pay. Benefits. One of the most sought-after natural areas in BC. If this sounds intriguing, read more below!

Work among a huge team of highly-skilled pharmacy staff in this scenic part of British Columbia! Our client is looking for someone who is comfortable managing a very busy community pharmacy, with between 180 and 220 prescription scripts processed every day.

You will have access to a part of the country that few people get the chance to experience. You will be given a unique view into community pharmacy management that isn’t available in the big cities of Canada either. Read more about this position below.

Job Responsibilities:

  • You will be organizing the everyday affairs of the pharmacy personnel team, with three pharmacy assistants currently working on the premises.
  • It’s important that you serve as a professional example for these assistants, as well as the other licensed pharmacists under your leadership. The principles of proactive customer/pharmacist communication, customer confidentiality, and accuracy in procuring prescriptions is key here.

Essential Skills:

  • The client pharmacy has emphasized with us that you will need to have at least one year of past pharmacy manager experience.
  • Knowledge of the Kroll pharmacy software system is crucial in this role.
  • Business outreach work is expected of the pharmacy manager, in addition to typical daily responsibilities.
  • You will be working with the team to administer injections for customers, so you will need to be injection certified.
  • You must be a licensed pharmacist in British Columbia.
  • Education in the field of business would be an asset.

Payment and Compensation:

This employer offers the successful applicant benefits and attractive pay. You may also be provided with a bonus, which is subject to your level of performance.

If you are interested in taking on new responsibilities and earning generously for your efforts, then you will find this position very rewarding.

Apply now with your resume and cover letter to jobs@rpigroup.ca
Call us at 416-850-9809
Toll-free: 1-866-505-3383
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