Looking to hire COVID-19 screeners for your shopping mall? RPI can help

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, provinces across Canada are in the process of slowly starting to reopen businesses and services. While we aren’t quite there yet, and a longer period of time is expected until everything is back to normal, there will be a time within the next several months where businesses are able to reopen and operate (likely under strict guidelines and enhanced measures to ensure that social distancing is still being practiced). Several of RPI’s clients have reached out to us with requests for COVID-19 screeners – in this blog, we’ll explore why this something that shopping malls should consider doing upon reopening.


Shopping Malls – what’s next?

There are thousands of shopping malls of all shapes and sizes located across Canada – from the legendary Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto, to smaller malls located in towns and cities in virtually every province. When these malls are given the green light to reopen, we strongly suggest that all mall owners, managers and executives consider hiring COVID-19 screeners.

Here’s how it works: any screeners that you hire will arrive at your shopping mall about 1-2 hours before opening. They will arrive early so that they can screen any employees who will arrive before the customers, and once the mall opens for the day, any customers coming into the mall will also be screened. It’s a quick and easy procedure – the screener uses a no-contact infrared thermometer to check for fever, and will also ask some brief questions regarding other potential symptoms.


Important things to remember

Firstly, when the first wave of businesses are allowed to open up and you’re looking to hire screeners, RPI recommends hiring registered practical nurses (RPNs), as they will have a strong understanding of the symptoms to look for. RPI Consulting Group’s roster of candidates is filled with RPNs who are ready to begin working at a moment’s notice – they’re fully trained, possess the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), and ready to work in a screening capacity.

Secondly, it’s important to have screeners stationed at all entrances to your shopping mall – that is, any door where customers or other individuals can freely enter. The reason for this is two-fold: you’re ensuring that anyone who’s entering your mall is being properly screened, and you’re giving your customers and employees peace-of-mind by showing that you truly care about their well-being. Please see below for a chart on how many screeners we recommend hiring, based on your mall’s layout:


Number of Entrances to your Mall

Suggested Number of Hired Screeners









Lastly, if a customer refuses to be screened, or displays COVID-19 symptoms, it is up to the discretion of the mall’s management as to whether they want to let the individual inside or not. Of course, it’s recommended that anyone showing symptoms should not be permitted to enter, but the screener and RPI are unable to offer any sort of enforcement.

In closing

RPI’s team of Account Managers is standing by and ready to connect you with COVID-19 screeners for your shopping mall. Give them a call at the number below, and let them know how many screeners you think you’ll need. They’ll take it from there!

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