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Our goal at RPI Consulting Group is to always source and qualify the best, most qualified candidates for our clients’ hiring needs across Canada.

Whether we are sourcing a candidate for a short-term, locum pharmacy job, or you are looking to hire for a full-time or part-time pharmacy job, we will always give you the same amount of time and effort in recruiting a talented candidate.

We use almost two decades of pharmacy recruiting agency expertise to carefully qualify each and every possible candidate for a position at your Pharmacy. Our thorough knowledge has taught us what skills are required for a candidate to work in your retail pharmacy. We are aware of the small nuances that are unique to your store. Our candidate placement process allows your business to continue to grow and prosper. In the end, the success that comes to you through placing a qualified individual for your pharmacy is what makes us happiest.

With each and every job search, we make a pledge to any business owner that chooses to use our services. We will find you a qualified, hard-working individual who will match and exceed your expectations. We offer hiring guarantees to recruit a qualified candidate, but also a candidate who is an invested member of the team to strengthen your business and provide the necessary pharmacy and customer support you are looking for.

Our goal is to find a solution to your staffing challenges. That’s why clients and businesses of all kinds have been using our services for almost two decades. Each and every business faces challenges in their development of human resources. Our expertise involved in staffing (and every other aspect of recruitment process outsourcing) has allowed us to understand the business of pharmacy and to determine what aspects of a candidate make them qualified for your store.

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