What are the most common reasons our nurses get into their nursing professions?

Hint: It’s not for the earnings alone!

Stories that Would Inspire Us All

Naturally, all healthcare and medical professionals should be compensated fairly for their work. Nurses and PSWs provide an invaluable service that is foundational to our healthcare system here in Canada. But if you speak with any of the registered practical nurses/licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, or nurse practitioners that are associated with RPI Consulting Group Inc, you will be amazed at all of the different reasons why they do the work they do.

It’s really quite compelling and inspiring when we hear their stories about how they got into nursing as a profession. Sometimes it’s as simple as wanting to do their part to look after the elderly people in their community. One one occasion, we were even told about the epic journey of one young woman into the healthcare sector after she volunteered in rural Malawi. After seeing nurses and doctors work tirelessly in the summer heat to treat infants with malaria, she realized her life’s purpose.

A Physical and Intellectual Challenge

Suffice to say that nursing is a physically demanding profession. In the process of treating patients, nurses and PSWs of all varieties have to move and lift patients around. Inserting an IV cannula is also a very precise skill that requires dexterity and hand-eye coordination. But nursing is mentally and emotionally involved, too. Nurses may become emotionally involved with the patients they treat, and sometimes treatment doesn’t go according to plan, despite their very best efforts.

What draws our nurses to their jobs then? The difficult situations listed above are all challenges for an RPI Consulting Group nurse. They want to be professionally challenged. They want to achieve greatness in their field. They want to advance modern medicinal practices. It gives them great pride to be part of something bigger than themselves, too.

A Personal Connection

At one point, our account manager Leon was speaking to one of our nurse practitioners in Alberta, a veteran nurse by all accounts. She told the story of how as a little girl, her life was saved by a nurse in an intensive care unit. The nurse held her hand and spoke to her calmly, reassuring her that she was not alone. That moment was solidified in her memory forever, and throughout her education, she had her sights set on becoming a nurse.

These are just some of the stories we hear from our candidates. We have built enduring relationships with each and every one of the nurses in our extensive database— when you hire with RPI Consulting Group Inc, those trusting relationships are transferred to your location.

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