Time is Limited to Recruit Relief Pharmacy Personnel During Thanksgiving, Diwali, and Other Upcoming Holidays

With Thanksgiving Monday coming up in less than a week, and other holidays not far behind, make sure that you secure any pharmacy personnel for relief or vacation coverage well ahead of time.

Today is Tuesday October 8th, 2019. Our office is closed the following Monday, for Thanksgiving. Between now and then are six days that you can contact us to arrange for staff to work at your pharmacy. What are your needs this long weekend? Do you have an employee who has become unavailable on the weekend at the last minute? We can help find you candidates that specifically fit your pharmacy’s needs.

Our pharmacy placement agency has a pool of thousands of candidates within the following positions (among other healthcare positions):

  • Licensed Pharmacists
  • Registered Pharmacy Technicians
  • Pharmacy Assistants
  • Pharmacy Managers

These pharmacy candidates can operate your pharmacy over the weekend, no matter how remote or centrally-located your pharmacy is. Depending on what you need, we speak with each suitable applicant to double-check that they have the skills, knowledge, and experience to work in your pharmacy. Do you need a pharmacist who knows how to use Delta pharmaceutical software platform? We have candidates who know how to use this software with aptitude. Do you need an RPHT for your production facility? Do you need them to know how to use blister pack machinery? No matter what skills or experience you need, we have personnel that fit the description.

When you recruit with us for this weekend, or any holiday coming up for that matter, we will recruit only the best, most competent pharmacy professionals. Our candidates are known throughout Canada for a number of qualities, including (but not limited to):

  • Reliability
  • The ability to turn your business around, even in a short amount of time
  • The skills and knowledge required to keep your pharmacy running smoothly.
  • Our roster of candidates boasts a holistic knowledge of virtually every pharmacy software platform currently used in Canadian pharmacies.
  • Experience working in production facilities
  • Experience with pharmacy compounding
  • The top English communication abilities of any candidates that you’ll find in Canada.

Needless to say, our pharmacy and healthcare recruiting agency is in very high demand, as a result of our talented portfolio of candidates. Time is running out, and we want to help you so that you are covered for this weekend, and the many holidays, cultural events, and pharmacy conferences that are quickly approaching.

If you’re looking for capable pharmacy staff this weekend, and at competitive pricing, look no further than RPI Consulting Group Inc. Call us at 416-850-9809. Alternatively, our toll-free number is 1-866-505-3383. You can also email us at info@rpigroup.ca

Our account managers and recruiters will be here all through the week to speak with you and recruit staff for your pharmacy, even if it’s short notice.

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