Things to Consider When Accepting a Relief Shift as a Pharmacy Assistant

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Successfully gaining a locum pharmacy shift is only half of the process! Here’s what you should do to make your employer more likely to ask for you to come back and work for them:

Plan Ahead

Now that you have accepted a shift as a relief pharmacy assistant, you need to make sure that you have a reliable means of transportation to get there. To say that “the bus was running slow” or “I had car issues” are not acceptable excuses. You should always consider your daily commute when accepting any relief pharmacy assistant shifts.

Show Up Early

In life, it is always prudent to ensure that you will arrive earlier than needed for any engagement. Before accepting any relief pharmacy assistant shifts, you should consider what route you will take to get there on time.  If you are driving to the pharmacy, you need to make sure that you are taking the best route to get there and potential alternate routes in case you run into any unexpected traffic. You should always make sure that your vehicle is reliable and up-to-date with its maintenance.

If you plan on taking your local transit system to get to your shift, make sure you do some research ahead of time so that you have a good idea of how long the trip will take. Using a search engine to map out exactly how long it will take is always a good start.

But Don’t Forget…

This information should not be taken as an exact science. Buses will be late, trains will be delayed or unexpectedly not in service. You need to make sure that you leave enough time to deal with any delays on your commute, as there may be issues that will interfere with your day if you are not prepared for it.

If you need to take multiple buses and there is a delay, you need to be aware of how to get to your connecting buses going forward. You may need to make alternate arrangements such as a taxi to ensure that you will be there for the appointed time, which would require having the means to pay for that taxi. Depending on the location, that taxi driver may only accept cash payments, so you can prepare yourself by bringing sufficient cash with you.

In the end, by signing the contract, you are confirming that you will be there for your scheduled start time. When you show up late for your assignment, you are essentially breaking the contract.

As I like to say: “Remember to continue shining every day; hard work is a good thing!”

Written by Leon Alexander

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