How the Timing of Your Easy Bills Affects Your Tax Filing

As an independent contractor working pharmacy or healthcare job shifts, you inform us of what shifts you have worked by invoicing us. Here’s what you need to know about the dynamics of tax years.

“Did something go wrong with my T4?”

Before you receive your T4 from RPI Consulting Group Inc, around February 20th of this year, you may take the time to calculate the total earnings of all shifts you worked from last January to December. When you receive your T4, hopefully there are no discrepancies between what you counted and what shows up in box 81 of the statement slip. This is where you would see your total earnings through us as an agency worker.

If you see a difference between what you counted and what we listed, we guarantee that it is not a mechanical error on our part. Rather, we encourage you to look at when you sent your latest Easy Bills, because it may be that you sent some invoices for 2019 shifts after it became 2020.

“What happens if I send my Easy Bill in the next calendar year?”

Sending your invoice for a shift in 2019 when it is January 2020 means that these numbers will appear on your 2020 T4, not on your 2019 T4. Even though the work was completed the year before, the money would be paid out to you in the subsequent tax year (which starts at 12:00 AM on January 1st). Therefore, the earnings are associated with the next year.

The Benefit of this Delay

There are actually some benefits to this delay. Although you won’t receive any potential tax return money for the delayed Easy Bill you sent, it does defer having to deal with the taxes for that particular shift/s. This is because you would be paid in a different year than you worked. After all, you are taxed for work that you are paid for.

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Written by Maria Abatayo


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