The Top Three Most Common Pharmacy Systems Used in Canada

Understanding Kroll, Delta, and Nexxsys– essential for the next time you apply for a full-time, part-time, relief, or locum pharmacy position.

In pharmacies across Canada there are generally three major pharmacy computer systems: Kroll, Healthwatch/Delta, and Nexsys. These three systems are the bread and butter of a pharmacy and will provide you the most amount of opportunity whether it is for a relief shift or for a full-time job.
When you look at all the big pharmacy chains in existence, you can understand why this is true.

Take a look at this article to understand more about how to stand out as a pharmacist in this competitive market.


This is by far the most commonly used pharmacy system to this day. Almost every large chain operates on this system including Wal-Mart, Metro, Loblaws, Sobeys, Pharmasave, Costco, McKesson, Fresenius Kabi, Express Scripts, etc.

Not only do large chains work on this system, but a large percentage of independent stores do as well! Kroll seems to dominate well over 50% of the market share, and is definitely an important tool to have in your arsenal.


Depending on the province, the second most commonly used system is arguably the Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy System. With multiple locations in large cities across the country, and locations in smaller areas as well, learning their computer system will come as a huge asset to be able to operate on it independently.

Many provinces are still using Healthwatch such as British Columbia, Manitoba and Alberta but a couple other provinces have transitioned to Delta, including Saskatchewan and Ontario. The two systems are not similar enough that just taking one quick glance will get you up to speed, so make sure you learn whichever system is in your province.


Last but not least is Nexxsys, which is the primary pharmacy system used at the Rexall chain of pharmacies. Other chains that use this system include The Medicine Shoppe, Guardian, IDA and Nexxsys is far less common in the small family-owned independent businesses, but it is still well worth your time learning how to use it.

Written by Jordan Choi RPI Consulting Group Inc. 416.850.9809

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