As a Pharmacist, How Do I Stand Out in a Crowded Market?

How to Distinguish Yourself

Whether you’re a Pharmacist with years of experience under your belt, or someone who has been recently licensed and wants to take all those years of schooling and volunteer work and apply it behind the dispensary, there are a number of critical skills that can make you stand out from the rest of the pack. This article will touch upon aspects that aren’t readily discussed or emphasized during your years of schooling and training for a career in pharmacy.

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Personality is Important

A pharmacist’s personality has a strong correlation to their success in any sort of pharmacy environment. The ability to effectively interact with fellow staff, coupled with the growing role of regulated pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants, should force most pharmacists to come to the realization that their ability to perform their roles effectively doesn’t start or end with their expertise of drugs and medication. Pharmacists must always perform well within in any pharmacy environment, while relying upon their ability to interact and cooperate effectively with the other staff. This is something that RPI Consulting Group Inc.’s Account Managers regularly hear about from hiring managers, associates, and owners of pharmacies.

More Than an Education

Although many pharmacists pursue additional academic work to gain the ability to practice healthcare outside of the typical scope of a pharmacy —such as the authority to prescribe for minor ailments or advise patients on how to effectively deal with their diabetes— the ability to harness and express soft skills effectively trumps that of any academic achievement, especially in a retail setting. The purpose of this blog isn’t to discourage the pursuit of continuing education, but to emphasize the importance of what makes a Pharmacists truly stand out among their fellow colleagues. Those who fail to accept this realization will fall short of achieving a level in their career that not only recognizes their academic qualifications, but appreciates and admires their ability to work cooperatively with colleagues and effectively interact with patients/customers.

Evolving Roles

As the role of pharmacists continues to change and evolve, the necessary skills of being a personable individual will remain important. Those who make every attempt to develop and built upon these skills will be sure to experience ongoing success in their work as a pharmacist, no matter which avenue of the industry they decide to pursue.

Written by Aquib Ansari RPI Consulting Group Inc. 416.850.9809 (ext. 231)

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