What Kind of References Does RPI Consulting Group Inc. Look For On Your Pharmacy Assistant Resume?

Quality references are part of the cumulative impression you make with us, a pharmacy recruitment agency, before being hired to work for our Clients.

Now that you have been contacted for a position, we will ask to see your references. Here at RPI Consulting Group Inc, we contact your references to get a better understanding of what your work ethic is like.

Reviewing your resume is one way to determine what kind of person you are, based on what duties and responsibilities you were entrusted with. However, this does not always provide us all of the information we need. We then ask to speak with a previous employer of yours, to get an unbiased understanding of your character and what really motivates you as an employee.

Now, it’s easy to fall into the practice of simply asking an old colleague or friend to pretend to be your supervisor that way you can avoid any negative comments that may come from your previous manager. This is dishonest, though! Not to mention the fact that it’s not hard for us to tell the difference between and unbiased reference vs. a biased one. Be honest with us!

When we speak with an individual and determine that this is actually someone that you have asked to pretend to be your previous supervisor, it shows the shape of your character and that you are willing to lie for your own benefit. This is an immediate red flag for us, which could be of detriment to your candidate profile with our pharmacy recruiting agency. This applies to any pharmacy recruiting agency or employer in fact.

It is always best to be honest and upfront, to “bite the bullet” as it were. Even if the reference speaks about you negatively, it shows character that you are willing to accept things as they were. If you are willing to improve upon your past job performance and make a change in your next job, we will be able to see that and take it into consideration when we review your application.

You can always reach out to me via LinkedIn if you have any questions.

Continue to shine every day, hard work is a good thing”!

Written by Leon Alexander ( leon@rpigroup.ca )

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