The RPO Model of Pharmacy and Medical Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

How Hiring Through RPI Consulting Group Inc. Can Massively Reduce Your HR Costs

What is RPO?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (or RPO) is a model of managing human resources, whereby a company will put an outside company in charge of its entire HR department.

RPI Consulting Group Inc. is a pharmacy/medical recruitment company that works within the RPO model.

Traditionally speaking, a company would be divided into several departments. These include sales, marketing, IT, supply chain management, and human resources (HR). Each of these departments would be allocated resources to run each component of the business. Within the pharmaceutical and healthcare worlds, a dedicated HR department can cost a significant amount of money.

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Within the last seven years, many pharmacies and clinics have removed their dedicated HR departments in favour of using the RPO model. In this case, RPI Consulting Group Inc. is in charge of the entire system of recruitment.

RPI Consulting Group manages our clients’:

– Strategic Employee Management
– Employee Sourcing
– Job Advertising
– Candidate Screening
– Candidate Interviewing and Reference Checks
– Hiring Candidates
– Employment Agreements
– Training and Development
– Benefits, Payment, and Compensation

A Big Undertaking

This process of recruiting pharmacists and physicians is a tremendously large task. From beginning to end, we at RPI Consulting Group Inc. will do it all. For a very competitive rate, RPI Consulting Group will efficiently organize all of your recruitment from A to Z.
In summary, recruiting with RPI Consulting Group Inc. will be more cost effective than having your own HR department. It will also be more time efficient, giving you more time to focus on running your pharmacy or medical clinic.

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