What Can An RPI Nurse Practitioner (NP) Do For You?

A nurse practitioner hired through RPI can lead your existing employees in an extraordinary way!

A Nurse With A Vision

Several years ago in northern Ontario, we placed a nurse practitioner in a role that would forever change how we see our healthcare staff placement services. This nurse came from Mississauga and was very excited to commence work in a newly opened nurse practitioner-led clinic. The community had limited access to primary care, and this was her chance to make a difference in that community. So with the help of RPI Consulting Group Inc, she was flown up north, found a place to live, and began work right away.

However, she only had an inkling of just how important her role was going to be in the town she moved to. On the first day of operations, she helped the clinic’s registered nurses and RPNs as they carried out routine physicals of the clinic’s new patients. But soon it became apparent that the town had much more serious healthcare needs than standard physicals would address.

There were many instances of patients suffering from substance use; cases of child obesity; and patients who hadn’t seen a medical professional in several years. Over the course of her first six months in this NP position, she mobilized all of her nurses and engaged the local community with outreach, to provide a long-term solution to these healthcare challenges. She considered her job as a NP much larger than day-to-day care, but something personal that she had become involved in. This was done out of her own motivation, too.

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Our Nurse Practitioners’ Skills

As indicated above, our nurse practitioners are healthcare leaders. Our nurse practitioners skills include:

  • advanced university degrees
  • diagnosing complex health problems
  • advanced cardiovascular life support certificate
  • dedicated to professional development through community action and conferences
  • practical knowledge of healthcare legislation and regulations
  • high-level interpretation of medical information and symptoms
  • Accurately assessing and recording workload and patient needs on a large scale

These NPs have a broad perspective on nursing care that would be invaluable to any workplace, clinic, hospital, nursing home, or other healthcare facility.

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