We Are Hiring a Pharmacy Assistant For 2 Months in Downtown Toronto

This position is conveniently accessible via public transit, allowing the successful applicant to maximize their non-working hours.

Are you looking to make a fresh start in the new decade coming up? Finding work right after the holidays can be challenging, because everyone is trying to financially recuperate after Christmas shopping and festivities. This is made even harder by the amount of competition you face in the city of Toronto. But if you get in touch with us, you can skip the line so to speak, and get your foot in the door of the pharmacy world.

What are we looking for in the ideal applicant?:

  • We need someone who has one year of accumulated pharmacy assistant work experience.
  • Work experience within a community pharmacy would be a strong asset.
  • Practical experience with Fillware pharmacy software is required.
  • You need to be an excellent English-speaker, who can also read and comprehend when interacting with your colleagues and patients.
  • Post-secondary study of a pharmacy-related subject would be a strong asset.

What will you be getting up to?:

  • Your primary job will be to package, label, and cash out patients at the pharmacy counter.
  • You will procure drugs based on the pharmacist’s directions.
  • You will work full-time hours from Monday to Friday, with no weekend work.
  • Think of this extra time as the time that you can study to gain your regulated pharmacy technician or fully licensed pharmacist qualifications.
  • Your work contract will go from Wednesday January 1st , 2020 until Friday February 28th, 2020.

Send us your resume and cover letter to leon@rpigroup.ca

Or call us at 416-850-9809 (ext. 317)

Toll-free at 1-866-505-3383 (ext. 317)

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