To all out-of-work healthcare workers: The time to get back to work is right now, and here’s why!

Covid-19 frontline healthcare and essential workers

There’s no doubt that healthcare workers have been greatly affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Between pharmacies and other healthcare facilities needing to shut down or greatly scale back their number of employees, to workers simply choosing to not work out of an abundance of caution for their health and that of their loved ones, the last year and a half has been a truly trying time for the industry.

However, slowly but surely, healthcare workers who were previously out of work are being presented with a steady stream of opportunities. At RPI Consulting Group, we’re seeing this firsthand, and we’re also seeing a surprising period of growth in wages for healthcare workers. Read on to find out why right now is the perfect time to get back to work, and be sure to check out RPI’s blog regularly for unbelievably job opportunities and important healthcare news.

Take advantage of the situation

Currently, many healthcare facilities such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, and nursing homes are paying a premium to bring in new employees on a full-time or contract basis, and if you’re a worker who’s been unemployed or working less than full-time hours for the last little while, there truly is no better time than NOW to get back into the game. Eventually, these rising wages are going to ‘deflate’ and fall back down to more normal levels, and you don’t want to miss your opportunity to make as much money as you possibly can. When the pandemic eventually comes to an end, and/or government assistance is rolled back, we’re expecting to see a mad rush of employees quickly trying to snag any job they can – so, if you have the means of going back to work now, you can not only make some great money, you can also avoid that rush in the months ahead.

We’re also seeing an inflation in wages for pharmacists and other pharmacy employees, as well. Prior to the pandemic, most major pharmacy chains weren’t really expanding beyond stores that were already opened – as an example, Shoppers Drug Mart has been hovering around 1,300 stores across Canada for the last several years. And now, with a great demand for pharmacists and other employees, wages are going up as pharmacy owners are paying a premium to bring workers into their locations. Believe us when we say that if you’re a pharmacist, a registered pharmacy technician (RPhT) or a pharmacy assistant who’s been out-of-work, you should definitely consider coming back to work sooner than later.

Safety first

It’s understandable to be a bit hesitant about going back to work during a pandemic – whether it’s a nursing home, a hospital, or a pharmacy, it can be a daunting step to take. However, it’s important to remember that last year during the first few months of the pandemic, many facilities were ill-equipped to handle new health guidelines – personal protective equipment (PPE) was hard to come by, and overall, nobody was prepared for the sweeping changes that were necessary for the safety of employees and patients alike. But now, in 2021 and a year-and-a-half into the pandemic, health and safety practices have greatly improved across the board, so there’s much less need to worry.

In closing

The healthcare industry is seeing a great inflation in wages right now, and if you’ve been out of work and are looking to get back into the game, don’t wait – take advantage of the situation and make as much money as you can! RPI has numerous opportunities available for all healthcare positions and environments, so contact our team of Account Managers today, and let them know that you’re ready, able and willing to get back to work – and tell them that you’re looking forward to making some great money!

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