As a Pharmacy Technician, Why Is There a Difference in Responsibilities Between Hospital Pharmacies and Community Pharmacies?

As a pharmacy recruiting agency, you can depend on our information if you are deciding between a job in either of these types of pharmacies.

Depending on where you find yourself in your career, a Registered Pharmacy Technician can find themselves benefiting tremendously from a career working in a variety of different pharmacy environments. However, each setting and work environment comes with different duties and responsibilities.

Registered Pharmacy Technicians who happen to work within a community pharmacy are primarily involved in alleviating the large volume of checking prescriptions, given their ability to check off on certain medications. Therefore, depending on the overall volume of the store, you can find yourself more involved in the direct processing of prescriptions, with little to no customer interaction.

On the other hand, Registered Pharmacy Technicians who end up working in a hospital setting can expect greater patient to healthcare provider interaction. Therefore, RPhTs who enjoy this aspect of pharmacy might not due so well in a retail pharmacy.

In conclusion, if patient care and interaction was your primary motivator for stepping into a career as a technician, a hospital setting might be your best option. However, with hospitals operating around the clock, an unpredictable schedule of shift work can be expected.

For some technicians, working in a hospital can be seen as a more flexible option, as opposed to working a set schedule in a retail or community store. Ultimately, your best course of action is to consider all your options if you are given the opportunity to determine which aspect of pharmacy best suits you!

Even if you’re not sure which type of pharmacy you’d like to work in, our pharmacy recruiting experts can talk with you on the phone to make a decision, as well as finding applicable jobs.

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