Should Your Pharmacy/Healthcare Facility Use a Healthcare Staffing App or a Full-Service Recruitment Agency?

Here are the pros and cons that you should be aware of before you choose the method in which you hire your pharmacy/healthcare facility staff.

In 2019, there seem to be an endless list of options for staffing your pharmacy, medical clinic, hospital, or long-term care facility. Apps are being developed at a faster rate than ever before. For our Clients and potential Clients, we know how frustrating this can be. How do you decide which service to use?

We want to provide you an objective list of pros and cons for each service.

The Positive Aspects of Using an App

Healthcare and pharmacy staffing apps are numerous. In essence, a pharmacy/medical clinic owner will pay a fee (typically every month or once a year) to use the app. There may even be a fee for every job that is posted on the job board. Candidates can download and access the app free-of-charge and find jobs according to their search criteria.

On the positive side, this seems like a simple and direct way to hire staff. You pay the host of all these jobs (the app developer) to show your open job to applicants. You pay for that service as long as you are using it. Candidate applications are all directed to you and you choose the candidate that is most suitable for the job.

You may even have indefinite access to these candidates’ contact details, so that you can contact them and hire them after you stop using the app. Their details would effectively be added to your own roster of candidates. Depending on which app you use, it might also be cheaper to hire staff through an app than using a full-service agency.

The Negative Aspects of Using an App

As with any product or service, you get what you pay for! In theory, posting job listings on an aggregator app is a good idea. However, it’s hard to tell who exactly you are hiring for a job. With any of these apps, there is no function in place to contact the pharmacist, physician, or other applicant. You have to trust that the app’s sign-up process has only accepted people who are truly qualified for the job, including having all necessary licenses to practice.

This is akin to ride sharing service apps. Any time you get into a vehicle through a ride sharing app, you are trusting the app provider’s ability to screen those who apply to drive for strangers. Perhaps you would trust a ride sharing app, but would you put the health and safety of patients in the hands of an unknown app?

The Best Solution

RPI Consulting Group Inc. is a full-service pharmacy/healthcare recruitment agency. Not only is the cost of our services appropriate for receiving a more hands-on approach, we are also the most secure recruiting option. Over the last 18 years, we have attained the most in-depth knowledge about every single candidate. We have spoken at length with all of our physicians, pharmacists, nurses, RPhTs, pharmacy assistants, and more. We have scrutinized every applicant, so that you don’t have to.

Our recruiting team is able to qualify the soft skills and human qualities of all candidates by conversing with them over the phone. By listening to the intonation and pacing of their voice, we can also detect if a candidate is just going through the motions in an interview. Further, if a candidate is reluctant to provide their references right away, it indicates to us that they might be preparing a fake reference with a friend. These are all subtleties that can’t be observed through a mobile app or website.

If you are a client who wants a candidate with very specific skills and qualities, recruiters like us can ‘head hunt’ the exact employee for your needs. We have an entire team of expert recruiters to outsource and expedite the recruitment process for you.

When you hire pharmacy/healthcare personnel through RPI Consulting Group Inc, you also have the added benefit of the entire process being confidential. If you are discretely hiring a new candidate, the only parties that would know about this would be you and our placement agency.

A Convenient Invoicing System

If all of that wasn’t enough, consider how you would have to pay candidates through a recruiting app. With an app, there is a requirement to pay successful applicants right away for their work. If you hire with RPI Consulting Group Inc, you are invoiced for our services and are given at least 30 days to pay for the candidate we place for you. We help our clients out financially by invoicing them and then allowing them to pay when it’s more convenient.

Lastly, we pay for all WSIB/WCB coverage, General Liability Insurance, Omissions and Errors Insurance, CPP, and EI. If you consider all of these extra features, the entire process couldn’t be any easier than with RPI Consulting Group Inc. In short, we make pharmacy/healthcare recruiting simpler for our clients!

Now that you have a good sense of what options are out there, why hesitate in contacting us and hiring some staff through RPI Consulting Group Inc? We offer the most complete healthcare/pharmacy placement service in Canada, at the most competitive rates.

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Written by Vincent Teetsov

Marketing Specialist

RPI Consulting Group Inc.

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