The importance of Accuracy when submitting your bill to RPI

Following up on our recent blog about the Easy Bill system that RPI Consulting Group utilizes, today’s blog will aim to drive home the point that being accurate and exact when submitting your hours is of the utmost importance.

RPI regularly works with thousands of healthcare candidates across Canada, including Registered Nurses (RNs), Registered Practical Nurses/Licensed Practical Nurses (RPNs/LPNs), Nurse Practitioners (NPs), Personal Support Workers (PSWs), Dietary Aides, Physicians, and much more. And we often hear about how much our candidates love the ease and simplicity of the Easy Bill system (it’s more than just a clever name, after all). But with that being said, it’s ultimately the responsibility of the candidate to ensure accuracy.

The Easy Bill process

When you work with RPI, you’re given a unique account which is accessible through our website. This account provides every candidate with an in-depth overview of all shifts and hours that you’ve worked for us, and you can also apply for relief shifts, manage your relief calendar, arrange reminder notifications, etc. When accessed, the Easy Bill option displays a list of completed relief shifts and allows you to select multiple shifts to generate an invoice within seconds. Prior to the invoice being generated, you will have the opportunity to verify the accuracy of the invoice calculations based on your preferred billing process.

Accuracy is key

We don’t want to sugar-coat it – if your timesheets/hours are inaccurate when you submit them via Easy Bill, there’s a good chance that your pay will be held up. And believe us when we say that this is the absolute last thing we want to happen – as healthcare workers on the frontlines during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our candidates are nothing short of heroes, and ensuring that you get paid in a timely manner is something that we strive for at all times. With that being said, it ultimately comes down to your Easy Bill submissions being accurate, and also submitted in a timely manner. If at any point you find yourself having difficulty with the Easy Bill system or you just need a bit of help, never hesitate to contact your Account Manager, who will be happy to walk you through the process.

In closing

We’re incredibly grateful for the work that our candidates do, and more than anything, we want you to be paid accurately and efficiently. By following the Easy Bill process to the letter – and double-checking your hours along the way – you won’t have to wait to receive the money that you’ve earned.

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