Why Booking Your Relief Pharmacist Early is Important, Especially in Advance of the Holiday Season

Don’t leave yourself and your pharmacy in an inconvenient position when the festivities and family time are fast approaching — contact us and we can help fill any of your staff openings.

The Earlier the Better

Booking a relief Pharmacist or sometimes referred to as a locum Pharmacist early is in the best interest of your business. The more time we have to secure a relief or temporary Pharmacist, the more time we have to qualify an individual that can offer exceptional service.

Our goal is to secure a Pharmacist you will be satisfied from the work and service they bring, potentially providing your store with assistance beyond the original dates you requested.


If you’ve had a positive experience with a candidate that we recruited for you, write us a review and let us know how we did!

A Pick of the Best Pharmacy Professionals in Canada

The holidays are a busy time of the year, especially for Pharmacists who are dedicated in providing relief. If you choose to submit a request late in the year, chances of finding a suitable Pharmacist for your store significantly diminishes. Our goal at RPI Consulting Group is always to secure the most qualified candidates to work at your store.

This will also ensure that your business can continue to run smoothly without any negative implications. Securing a relief Pharmacist in a very brief period of time can come with significant risk if prior work history is difficult to validate.

We have a long history of working with Pharmacists for well over a decade, but considering new candidates for various roles requires a significant level of due diligence, one which requires a certain amount of time to carefully assess a candidate’s capabilities.


Extra Coverage = Peace of Mind for You

The holidays are also an excellent time of the year to take advantage of Pharmacists or Technicians who happen to have extra availability and to fill in for any time off existing staff might plan on taking. Many qualified Pharmacy Assistants or Technicians are enrolled in school during the course of the fall and winter, and thus usually are off during the holidays. This can be a perfect opportunity to take advantage of highly skilled candidates and possible hires for your business!


Written by Mark Hojsan (mark@rpigroup.ca)

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