As Life Gets Back To Normal, RPI Is Here To Help You Get Back On Your Feet

With 2022 in full swing, it’s almost difficult to believe that finally, and at long last, the COVID-19 pandemic has gotten under control. The world – and life as we know it – has changed exponentially due to this pandemic, and while we’re slowly returning to some semblance of normalcy, the way that we live and work will never be quite the same again.

One of the biggest impacts of the pandemic has been on the job market, with many businesses big and small being forced to close permanently due to ongoing lockdowns and restrictions, as well as employees choosing not to work out of an abundance of caution for their own health. This last point has also had a major impact on the healthcare job market, and this is also a reason why there’s never been a better time than right now to get back into the game. Read on to find out how RPI can help you get back on your feet if you’ve been out of work, and as always, be sure to check our blog daily for hot jobs and healthcare news.

Valid reasons for not working

At RPI, we will never judge anyone for choosing to not work during the pandemic, especially those who work in healthcare. Whether you’re a registered nurse (RN), registered practical nurse (RPN), licensed practical nurse (LPN), nurse practitioner (NP), pharmacist, registered pharmacy technician (RPht), pharmacy assistant, personal support worker (PSW) or any other position in healthcare, any work that you’ve done during the pandemic is greatly appreciated, and we completely understand why you might decide that taking an extended break is the best thing for you. Whether it’s because you want to be careful about your own health, the health of your family and loved ones, or you’re worried about your mental health, you have to ultimately do what’s best for you.

But, thinking of the future….

With that being said, there will be a time where you inevitably decide that the time has come to return to work – and when that time comes, give RPI Consulting Group a call! As Canada’s #1 source for healthcare staffing services since 2002, we communicate with the top healthcare facilities and pharmacy chains in the country on a daily basis, as well as independent pharmacies and private clinics. Our clients trust us to find the perfect candidates for temporary and permanent roles, and we’re always on the lookout for skilled, qualified candidates to join our team. If you’ve been out of work for the last little while and you’re ready to get back to it, we can help you find the perfect role to fit your needs and skillset. Whether you’re looking for a pharmacist position in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), or you’re interested in a travel assignment to a remote part of Northern Ontario, we have a plethora of opportunities available – and we’re about to enter one of our busiest times of the year, so don’t miss out! Contact our team of friendly, knowledgeable Account Managers today, and let them know that you’re ready to head back to work.

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