How Punctuality Matters Even When You’re Doing Relief or Locum Pharmacy Shifts

Why You Must Be On-Time to Your Shifts

A common misconception is that relief shifts are there for the sole purpose of making fast money and getting some experience before you land a part-time or full-time job.

What many pharmacists don’t realize is that these shifts can act as a gateway for you to get to your end goal. A study was conducted which indicates that your closest group of friends would make typically 10 to 15% more or less than each other friend’s salary.

Therefore, it can be accurately assumed that most pharmacy owners would surround themselves with owners of other pharmacies.
What does this mean for you?

The ‘early bird’ gets the job!

The first point is that if you can show up for a relief shift early, or on-time at the very least, it shows that you are someone who takes an initiative and cares about the opportunity in front of them. However, showing up early isn’t enough if you don’t do anything with that extra time. Small things, such as looking around the pharmacy to find where things are located, figuring out the cash system and even trying to make a good impression with the manager or owner, can leave a positive impression.
Typically, if a great impression is made, they will specifically ask for the same relief pharmacist to return. As a pharmacist just starting out their career without a permanent job, this can provide a steady stream of regular shifts for yourself.

Pharmacy Owners Community

One highly overlooked factor is that, in general, pharmacy owners know each other well and communicate regularly. Each pharmacy you visit is an opportunity for you to network and potentially connect with your next future employer. If you aren’t making a good impression with everyone you meet, it could make the difference if a pharmacy manager asks his colleague what he thinks of you and your performance. Many relief pharmacists don’t realise that after returning to a store many times, you have the potential to be hired by the owner – we see this at RPI Consulting Group all the time.
In closing
I hope this can be an eye opener for your next scheduled relief shifts. It starts with the small things! Details such as being punctual and showing up early for a shift can evolve into potentially getting that much-desired full-time opportunity.

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