RPI Consulting Group Inc. Is An Equal Opportunity Employer

When we hire candidates, and also our internal employees, we seek the contributions of people from all backgrounds.

What Does This Mean?

What precisely do we mean when we say we are an “Equal Opportunity Employer”? In short, all pharmacy/healthcare candidates that we work with will be considered for jobs without attention to race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, or disability status. We believe in hiring people based on their credentials, skills, and dedication to their careers.

Across Canada, our communities are made up of people from all cultural and personal backgrounds. These differences can make a powerful force for good if we all work together and offer our different perspectives and expertise. The pharmacy and healthcare sector is no exception to this.

Furthermore, we all want to be respected for who we are, so we show respect for everyone we work with. We are an equal opportunity employer because we care about the people that make up the pharmacy and healthcare sector, and because we care about the future of these workplaces.

Taking Action

Our convictions and mandate for equality doesn’t mean anything if it’s not backed up with real action. Throughout the entire process of interviewing, hiring, and placing pharmacy/healthcare staff in our clients’ jobs, we look at our candidates and their applications with objectivity. Which applicant has the most relevant skills to do the job? Who has demonstrated their interest in the role most of all? Who has references that speak highly of the candidate? These are all of the kind of qualities we look for in the recruiting process with equality in mind. We endeavour to make finding employment in the pharmacy/healthcare world more fair.

Do you feel that you have something to offer as a pharmacy or healthcare professional? We want to speak with you about your career plans and bring our employment opportunities to you.

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Written by Monica Phillips


RPI Consulting Group Inc.

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