the healthcare market continues to heat up – and we know why!

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With the cool winds of autumn already blowing outside, the healthcare market is – perhaps surprisingly – continuing to heat up! At RPI Consulting Group, we’ve been hearing from our clients that healthcare roles – including pharmacists, pharmacy managers, registered pharmacy technicians (RPhT), pharmacy assistants, registered nurses (RN), registered practical nurses (RPN), licensed practical nurses (LPN), nurse practitioners (NP), personal support workers (PSW) and more – are becoming more and more plentiful by the day. Read on to find out why, and don’t forget to check RPI’s blog daily for job postings, healthcare news, and much more!

As the economy falls, new opportunities rise

The effect that COVID-19 has had on workplaces and the economy in general can’t be understated, but many companies – including those in the healthcare industry – are adapting and changing the way that they do business in the ‘new normal.’ For example, employees are now able to work virtually in many cases, and we’ve even had some job opportunities at RPI for pharmacists that would allow them to conduct their work via computer and phone. This allows for many more positions to be available, and it’s also a great way for companies to offer a working environment that doesn’t negatively impact an employee’s mental health. In addition, there’s also a pent-up demand for jobs that is only going to increase as more and more people get fully vaccinated and decide to go back to work if they’d previously been staying at home.

The thing to remember, though, is that this influx of available jobs and positions will eventually settle down and be closer to what it was pre-COVID – meaning, of course, that you should take advantage of what’s currently available and not miss your opportunity to find the job of a lifetime. We fully understand and respect the reasoning behind not working and staying home out of an abundance of caution for your health, but with vaccine rates rising daily, heading back to work once you’ve had both of your doses is something that you absolutely should consider. RPI is seeing new jobs come across our desks on a daily basis – jobs that are available across Canada coast-to-coast, and jobs that are available to all of the aforementioned healthcare roles, and more.

In closing

While we want to be optimistic about the longevity about the hot healthcare job market, the simple truth is that we don’t know how long it will last. That’s why the time to take advantage is NOW! Contact our team of Account Managers, and they’ll help you find a position that’s a perfect fit for your skillset and needs.

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