We Have Different Types of Physician Work Beyond Fee for Service; Here are Some Examples

Fee-For-Service is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how you can be compensated in your physician job!

Fee for Service is the most widely available payment model found in Canada. Most clinics and health centres operate under this umbrella, and if you’re opening a practice, this is typically the model of payment you would start with. While many people might not be aware of this, there are several other payment models available to physicians, some of which have great benefits that are easy to miss if you aren’t looking.

Salaries & Alternative Payment Programs

These payment models are normally put into place in hospitals and health centres that focus on patient care. For Physicians who are looking to work at their own pace, these models typically allow doctors to take the time necessary to meet with patients and don’t need to feel rushed to see as many patients as possible throughout the day. Oftentimes, these positions also come with Extended Benefits packages, giving you dental benefits, health benefits, a pension plan, and vacation time. These positions can be a great solution those looking for a good work-life balance.

Enhanced Fee-For-Service

This form of payment can be found when working with specific patient demographics who work after-hours, or when doctors work together to create a Health Group. They work similarly to FFS (Fee-for-Service) models, but offer bonuses for each enrolled patient.

Blended Capitation

This model of payment not only grants you Enhanced Fee-For-Service, but also pays you a fixed amount per patient. This is an uncommon form of payment that is very difficult to get approved for unless you have already been working with this model of payment in the past.

Stipends & Hourly Rates

This form of payment is regularly seen with more affluent clinics or tele-medicine. They might offer you a set amount of money based on your patient load; they might offer you an hourly rate; or there might be a set amount of pay per shift.

At RPI Consulting Group Inc, we work with clinics, health centres, and hospitals with all of the above payment models, across the healthcare job world. Reach out to me, RPI Consulting Group Inc’s Physician Specialist, if you find yourself interested in learning more and exploring some of these options.

Written by Mitchell Cawley ( mitchell@rpigroup.ca )

Physician Recruiting Specialist

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