Having Injection Certification During the Winter Months is Crucial if You Want to Work Relief Pharmacist Jobs

Flu shot season is upon us—read below to find out why we ask if you are injection certified.

Make Yourself More Valuable as a Candidate

A Pharmacist who has injection certification is far more valuable during the fall and winter months of the year than someone who isn’t. This is because pharmacists are needed to administer countless flu shots at this time of the year.

Children and seniors go to pharmacies in large numbers for their shots, as they are among the most vulnerable demographics. They depend on pharmacies to provide flu shots. It would be an inconvenience to a pharmacy if you could not administer these injections during your relief shift.

On top of this, Health Canada has provided the general public with information on all pharmacies who give free flu shots. This has increased the number of walk-in customers who will ask pharmacists to provide them with the injection. You need to be prepared for anything during a relief assignment, and giving injections is no exception. Being able to administer injections efficiently will allow you to keep on top of the volume of work.

Injections of Other Varieties

Apart from being able to administer shots during the flu season, having your certification valid year-round is in the best interest of any Pharmacist considering relief or locum jobs. Many Pharmacies in Canada require injection certified pharmacists to administer other injections, for ailments beyond the yearly flu. Many medications are given through some form of injection. Therefore, pharmacists need to adapt in order to be make themselves valuable assets in the eyes of prospective employers.

When being considered for a locum pharmacy job at any one of the pharmacies we service in the country, you can expect to be asked if you possess the certification to administer injections. In order to improve your chances of being considered for any pharmacy work environment, chances are that you will need to be certified!

Pharmacists who have not acquired the necessary certification to administer these shots would be passed on in the evaluation process for a relief pharmacy shift. You don’t want to limit your chances of finding relief pharmacy work, so do what you have to in order to gain this certification!

Written by Mark Hojsan ( mark@rpigroup.ca )

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