We have an incredible number of opportunities for pharmacists in B.C. – take advantage now!

We’ve just received some breaking news: a large Canadian company is currently looking to expand and grow their presence in British Columbia, and are looking for pharmacists who are hard-working, skilled, and energetic for multiple job openings across the province, mostly in smaller towns and isolated areas.

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to take the next step in your pharmacy career – or if the idea of potentially relocating to a quieter area is appealing to you – you’re definitely going to want to read on and learn more! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the other opportunities that RPI currently has available.

Multiple opportunities are available

In total, our client is looking to fill approximately two dozen roles, ranging from staff pharmacists to pharmacy managers. These roles have very flexible hours, and will require some weekend work. As a casual reminder, here are the day-to-day tasks you’ll be responsible for as the staff pharmacist:

  • Dispensing medications as prescribed;
  • Checking for accuracy on all prescriptions and transactions;
  • Providing information to customers/patients about their medications;
  • Overseeing drug interactions by recording medications dispensed;
  • Overlooking and directing pharmacy technicians;
  • Ordering and purchasing pharmacy inventory, including medical supplies, pharmaceutical supplies, and medications

And to follow-up on that, here are the expected responsibilities for a pharmacy manager:

  • Dispensing prescriptions
  • Communicate with doctors to clarify prescription notes
  • Carefully examines prescription dosage
  • Paperwork and insurance coverage documentation
  • Ensures that technicians and assistants abide by customer confidentiality and consistently process scripts while keeping the pharmacy organized
  • Organizing and managing pharmacy personnel
  • Medicine labelling, packaging, and procurement
  • Consulting clientele on drug side effects and informing them about new prescriptions
  • Regularly engaging with community on numerous initiatives

Where can you go in B.C.?

We currently have opportunities across the province – from right up next to the Alberta border, out to coast, and all the way up to the northernmost parts. Essentially, the opportunities that we have available are perfect for anyone who’s looking to move away from the hustle and bustle of larger cities. These locations are the ideal place to settle down and even start a family! With a lower cost of living and much a slower, quieter pace than a metropolitan area, these opportunities will be a dream come true if you’re tired of that busy city life.

In closing

Believe us when we say that these jobs aren’t going to last, as we expect to get dozens, even hundreds of applications from our candidates. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Send us your resume today and climb up to the next rung in the ladder of your pharmacy career.

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