RPI provides a valuable service for both our clients AND our candidates – here’s why

Over the last 20 years, RPI Consulting Group has been the undisputed leader of healthcare recruitment services in Canada. We’ve placed thousands of healthcare employees into various settings across the country, and our reputation speaks for itself – when you work with RPI, you’re truly taking an important step in your career. Whether you’re a pharmacist, regulated pharmacy technician (RPhT0, pharmacy assistant, registered practical nurse (RPN), licensed practical nurse (LPN), registered nurse (RN), nurse practitioner (NP), personal support worker (PSW), or healthcare aide, RPI is here to help you if you feel that your career has gotten stagnant, or you’re unsure of the next steps that you should take.

A true success story

Two weeks ago, an RPI Account Manager placed one of our candidates – a registered nurse – into a new full-time position that will see her making $120,000 per year. For anyone familiar with RN salaries, you’ll recognize that is a very high salary for the field, and to say that our candidate was thrilled to land this role of a lifetime is a major understatement.  It should be noted that a salary of this nature is uncommon, and in this case, the client was seeking an RN who had a particular skillset. But in different circumstances – such as pre-COVID-19 – the salary likely wouldn’t have been as high as it ended up being, and the RN was able to take advantage of a very rewarding situation.

This case is an example of RPI’s work benefitting both the client and the candidate – our client gets a dependable, skilled nurse for their clinic, and the candidate has set the course for the rest of her career by landing a life-changing job. But this situation also illustrates a point that we made in a recent blog – if you’re looking to jump back into the full-time job market, there’s no better time than right now.

It’s time to take advantage

With wages for pharmacists on the rise and the full-time job market getting hotter and hotter with each passing day, the time to get back to work is NOW. Currently, the job market is very hot, and the above success story is proof of this. If you’ve been out-of-work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we strongly urge you to begin looking for a new gig ASAP, as we expect that the hot market will continue throughout the heat of the summer. And with more and more people getting vaccinated across the country with each passing day, it will soon be safer to return to work as well – so why not get ahead of the game and look for an exciting new gig right now? Contact RPI today and let us know that you’re available to work – we have hundreds of opportunities available that are just waiting for the right skilled candidate!

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