What is the most prevalent pharmacy software, and should you learn it?

This Pharmacy Software will put you ahead of your competition!

The pharmacy industry boasts a wide range of software to primarily help manage patient information and product/service transactions within the pharmacy. While many pharmacies have the freedom to choose their pharmacy software at different stages of their life cycle, a large portion of pharmacy chains have pharmacy software that are exclusive to their brand. In order to increase your chances of employment in the pharmacy industry, it is important to strengthen your competency with a number of pharmacy software systems. But where do you start?

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Class is in session


In university/college, pharmacy students and technicians are theoretically educated in a pharmacy software but lack practical experience unless they are independently responsible for working the software during placements. After graduating, new graduates struggle to find work as they mainly lack knowledge of effectively working with pharmacy software. The most successful way to enter the workforce is to focus on the most common pharmacy software and have a tunnel vision to operate it effortlessly.


Kroll is king


The most common pharmacy software in Canada is Kroll. Nearly 60% of pharmacies across the country use Kroll as their pharmacy software because it’s known to be the most user-friendly software available in the industry. Many universities use Kroll to educate their pharmacy students to prepare them for the industry. It would be wise for pharmacy students to piggy back off this exposure and be proficient in Kroll. Candidates who don’t have the luxury to be exposed to Kroll in the development stages of their career should make every attempt to develop this skill – a good method is to volunteer at pharmacies that use this pharmacy software, even after getting licensed, so that they can get trained on Kroll.


This would be a minor hurdle in one’s career but an effective move to catapult you ahead in the industry by putting yourself in a position for more opportunities.


Jonathan Stephen

Account Manager/Healthcare Recruiter

RPI Consulting Group

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