The Importance of Submitting Your Pharmacy Relief/Locum Pharmacy Invoices by Thursday Each Week

Keeping on top of your invoices is to your own benefit when working relief pharmacy shifts.

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There’s nothing more frustrating than delayed paycheques, as most people plan their personal budgets and activities based on the idea of receiving their salary on time. Prior to sending an invoice to your employer, you should be familiar with the payroll schedule of the company. This can be very beneficial in getting the payment to you in a timely manner.

RPI Consulting Group’s Payroll

How does RPI’s payroll schedule work? Paycheques are printed on the set day each week, and the 4 days prior are for you to notify us that the payment for your services is due. RPI prints paycheques on the same day each week – Friday – which is also the day when said cheques are sent out to pharmacy professionals. Please be aware that the accounting department processes invoices only 4 days a week – Monday to Thursday. This gives the payroll clerk time to calculate pay for RPI’s employees. Therefore, any invoices you send on a Friday will be processed the following week.

Waiting by Your Mailbox

Another thing to keep in mind is that it normally takes Canada Post 5-10 business days to deliver mail. The delivery is usually within 2-3 business days if you live in Toronto, 3-5 business days if you are located in Ontario, and 5-10 business days nationally (excluding the day of mailing). In this scenario, your cheque is picked up for delivery next Friday and you receive it within 10 business days from there.

Let’s look at 2 different scenarios to understand the process better:

Example 1: Invoice is received on Tuesday, July 16. The paycheque is printed and picked up by Canada Post on the same day – Friday, July 19. It is then delivered within 3 business days to a Pharmacist in Brampton, Ontario.

Example 2: Invoice is received on Friday, July 19. The next week, July 22-25 it is processed and the printed cheque is picked up for delivery on Friday, July 26. It is then delivered within 10 business days to a Pharmacy Technician in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In Closing

If you ensure that your invoices are submitted to RPI by Thursday each week, it will go a long way in ensuring that your paycheque is delivered to you quickly and efficiently.

Written by Yuliia Kharkevych

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