We Don’t Mind Giving You the Secret to Our Recruitment Success!

As a healthcare recruitment agency responsible for countless relief, full-time, and part-time job placements, we are honest and transparent about how we got to where we are.

We have a well-rounded and informed approach to recruiting for our clients and finding jobs for our candidates. This has always been what separates us from other agencies and other companies’ internal recruitment departments. Our new, innovative method of recruitment delivers the results that our clients and candidates look for. When our clients are looking to hire gainfully employed and desirable candidates who match and exceed the qualifications they are looking for, they know that they can rely on us. We conduct our research and build relationships with healthcare professionals. We are dynamic in the way we target competing pharmacies and medical clinics, to persuade and entice their employees to consider our highly desirable positions. This method of recruitment is what many agencies refer to as, “head hunting.”


Prospective candidates aren’t always actively looking on online job boards. Especially if they are currently in a comfortable position with an existing company. They are focused on their current place of employment. However, reaching them directly gives them the chance to consider an option that they wouldn’t have originally considered or heard of!


When We Speak Personally with Candidates, We Make a Long-Term Impression


We make an impression by taking the time and effort to speak to them personally. Personal interactions are what we value above all else. We know that no other recruiting agency puts this much care into every candidate.

Read more here about how we use Recruitment Process Outsourcing as a healthcare and pharmacy job placement agency.


Some might argue that soliciting prospective candidates over LinkedIn has the same result or effectiveness as what we do, but it truly doesn’t make the same initial impression. Reaching someone directly over the phone, maybe even at their current place of employment, while on the job, adds a significant level of excitement and surprise. Within that conversation, we are able to determine the probability of a candidate’s interest in hearing more about the offer within a matter of seconds. The goal of head hunting is to make a lasting impression on the candidate, and we know when we have caught a candidate’s attention about a new pharmacy/medical job.

Knowledgeable Healthcare Talent Acquisition Specialists and Recruiters


Our account managers are extraordinarily perceptive and sensitive to each candidate they speak to. Many of them are qualified in the field of human resources, so they know how to pinpoint the vital qualifications and aptitudes of the professionals whom they speak with. For every job we hire for (including general practitioners, registered nurses, specialist doctors, surgeons, pharmacy managers, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy assistants) we know what is required of each position. This applies to every province in Canada.


Advanced Healthcare Job Recruitment Strategy


Our recruiting method ultimately increases a recruiter’s level of success when convincing someone to leave their current place of employment and take up on your offer, which will be in their best interest. There will be a level of hesitation on their part initially perhaps. But they will later realize that they made a decision that has benefited them in their career and long-term success within the Pharmacy world.


Call me to capitalize on our full recruitment services and apply this successful recruitment strategy to your own pharmacy/medical facility.


Written by Mark Hojsan ( mark@rpigroup.ca )

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