Remembrance Day is Next Monday. Do You Have Staff to Operate Your Healthcare Facility/Pharmacy That Day?

On November 11th, Canadians from coast to coast remember the veterans who have died in battle to defend our country. We want to give everyone the opportunity to recognize this important day.

Is Remembrance Day a Statutory Holiday in Your Province?

The reality is that not every province in Canada recognizes Remembrance Day as a statutory holiday. The following provinces do not have Monday, November 11th off from work:

  • Manitoba
  • Ontario
  • Québec
  • Nova Scotia

But what if you wanted to take the day off to pay your respects? On Remembrance Day, there will be ceremonies held in honour of our veterans, including the National War Memorial in Ottawa, the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, and Royal Canadian Legion branches. You should be able to attend a ceremony and recognize this day.

Contact Us

We can allow you to take valuable time off on Remembrance Day, no matter where you are located in Canada. If you are located in the provinces listed above, in which Remembrance Day is not a statutory holiday, we can staff your pharmacy or healthcare facility with relief Candidates to effectively manage your location for the day. Our Account Managers will reach out to every suitable Candidate so that your location is secure and operational.

If you are in any other Canadian province and your clinic, pharmacy, nursing home, or hospital is without staff on Remembrance Day, we can bring in skilled personnel for the day. Needless to say, our Candidates have been reviewed for all of the necessary qualifications and experience.

Our Commitment

With just 7 days left until Remembrance Day, we highly recommend that you contact us right away so that your location can remain open. Even on statutory holidays, there will be patients in need who need their prescription drugs. We want to recruit qualified healthcare and pharmacy personnel for you, so that both you and patients are prepared for the day. It is our passion to help our Clients when they need staff. In fact, we are here to provide your staff for any occasion at all. Our healthcare recruiting team is committed to your location’s success.

With the sacrifices made by our veterans in mind, the least we can do is allow our fellow Canadians to honour those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us.

Contact us today to organize your location’s operations for next Monday, November 11th.

Written by Monica Phillips


RPI Consulting Group Inc.



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