If You Are Claiming Expenses For Your Work With Us, We Need to See Copies of Your Receipts

Receipts aren’t just necessary if you want to return a product. For recruiting agencies like us, they are proof that you did indeed pay for certain expenses claimed in the time your worked at your pharmacy/healthcare job.

Travel Expenses

When you are working a relief shift through us, you may have had a discussion with your account manager in which you were told that your expenses would be paid. When we utter the words “expenses paid”, your responsibility doesn’t end all of a sudden! On the contrary, for every expense, we expect you to always keep the receipts.

Price Fluctuation

The reason we do this is because there might be instances in which the cost of certain expenses (including flights, accommodation, car rental) fluctuate. These costs might be higher or lower than what was originally discussed. For example, if an account manager agreed that he would reimburse you for an amount as high as $100 dollars, and at the time of your relief shift, that amount rose up to $110, it would be better for you to save the receipt and discuss with your account manager. If there is room for the account manager to increase the reimbursement amount, then they will do so. On the other hand, if that certain travel expense was a lower cost, $90 for example, and you claim $100, then RPI Consulting Group Inc. and the Client would be losing money. We expect our pharmacy/healthcare Candidates, including you, to always be honest with us, just as we are honest with you and our Clients.

Keeping Track of Your Reimbursements

The other important reason to save all of your receipts is because when a Candidate is working many relief shifts, through RPI Consulting Group Inc. as well as other recruitment agencies, the Candidate may forget which reimbursements should be applied to which location/agency. Take our word for it, it’s better to keep your expenses organized digitally and in hard copy. In order for the whole process to be transparent and correct, we need all of our Candidates to give us the right dollar amount for their requested reimbursements.

One final important reason to save your receipts is for if you are an independent contractor. If you are claiming expenses at the end of the tax year, then you will most definitely need these receipts to prove your expenses.

Locum job opportunities are available through RPI Consulting Group Inc. for all types of pharmacy and healthcare personnel. All you have to do is contact us and ask what jobs we have open.

Written by Aquib Ansari ( aquib@rpigroup.ca )

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