From December 22nd Through to January 2nd, Your Pay Schedule With Us Might Be Affected—Here’s Why

If your payments seem to take longer than usual to be processed at the end of December, we want you to know why.

Are You Working Over the Holidays?

During the holidays, you may or may not continue working. We realize that not everyone decides to take time off. With that said, you might expect to receive a paycheque for the days you worked over the holidays, going through the usual process of sending us an Easy Bill on Thursday. However, on Thursday December 26th, our office staff here at RPI Consulting Group Inc. will be away on their holiday break. From Friday December 20th to Thursday January 2nd, we will be spending time with our family and friends, in this most festive time of the year!

“What does this mean for me over the holidays?”

Over the holidays, we recommend our pharmacists and pharmacy assistants to plan accordingly, regarding their expenses during this gap period. When we return on Thursday, January 2nd, we will collect all the invoices that we have received over the Christmas break and have payments sent out on Friday, January 3rd, as per our usual schedule. Just like normally happens, you would receive your payments the following week.

To that end, I would personally recommend that you send all of your outstanding invoices to us by Thursday December 19th, so that they can be mailed out to you on Friday the 20th of December. Keep a watchful eye over your expenditures prior to this payroll pause, so that this delay doesn’t become an inconvenience!

“I still haven’t received my paycheque and it’s a week later. How long will it take?”

One thing to note is that regular mail may be affected by the holidays; for instance on Wednesday, December 25th (Christmas Day), and Thursday, December 26th (Boxing Day). So, if you have invoiced us for all the days worked by Thursday, December 19th and you haven’t received it by Tuesday, December 24th, chances are that it’s still being processed by Canada Post. At this time of year, Canada Post receives a larger volume of posted mail than normal and it takes time to accurately sort through everything and ensure that each package is sent to the right person.

“How am I supposed to go without a paycheque for such a long time?”

Many businesses don’t accommodate employees for the gap in the holidays. Most Canadian businesses schedule their payment cycle for wages on either a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly payment cycle. Believe it or not, budgeting your expenses, so that you do not overspend over the Christmas holiday is not impossible!

In any case, budgeting in this day and age is a necessity to excel financially. It will help to get you to the point where you are no longer just “treading water” and getting by, but are improving your standard of living.

You can reach out to me by phone or email for further information. You can also contact me via LinkedIn.

Continue to shine every day; hard work is a good thing!”

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