A reminder about RPI’s Easy Bill system

By now, you’re probably familiar with RPI Consulting Group’s Easy Bill system – a payment system we built from the ground up that allows RPI candidates to submit their invoices to us in a few easy steps (it’s not just a clever name – it truly is that easy).

However, there’s a few points about our Easy Bill system that we’d like to remind you of in this blog that will ensure you receive your payment in as quick and efficient a manner as possible.

Submit your invoices before Friday every week

RPI candidates – including pharmacists, regulated pharmacy technicians, pharmacy assistants, registered nurses (RNs), registered practical nurses (RPNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), nurse practitioners (NPs), physicians, personal support workers (PSWs) and more – should always endeavour to submit their invoices us to us no later than Thursday evening. At RPI, our payroll and accounting matters are taken care of on Fridays, and if you miss the deadline, your invoice won’t be filed until the following week.

Verification of invoices

Any invoice that gets submitted to us via Easy Bill must be verified by our team with the clients who had hired our candidates – that is, if you submit an invoice that says you worked two-weeks’ worth of 8 hour shifts at a rate of $45 per hour, we need to speak to the client to ensure that this is accurate. We also need to verify any instances of ‘extras’ added on to an invoice – this can include things like overtime and holiday pay, or other aspects of your contract, such as food, car rentals, flights and lodging. While we understand that 99.9% of RPI candidates are trustworthy individuals, it’s that 0.1% that unfortunately occasional tries to bill for hours that they didn’t work, and as such, we need to speak to our clients for verification before releasing any funds. There may be a rare instance where this verification can take a few days, but in general it’s completed within one day.

Errors and holidays

Most of RPI’s candidates receive their pay via direct deposit, and it’s important to remember that if a statutory or bank holiday is taking place in a given week, this could potentially cause delays on your funds being released. In addition, it’s very important for your invoices to be submitted accurately – if there are any errors with your personal or banking information, this could also lead to delays, so please ensure that you’re going over your invoices with a fine tooth comb before submitting.

In closing

If you have any questions about RPI’s Easy Bill system, or you want to speak to your Account Manager about a potential error or delay, please contact us directly and we’ll be glad to help.

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