Meet Our Team: Maria Abatayo

Being a recruiter, I feel that I have the distinct privilege and responsibility to maximize the potential of everyone I work with. When I speak to Candidates over the phone here at RPI Consulting Group Inc, I always emphasize the need to put an extra bit of effort beyond one’s colleagues. I remember hearing a quote about an olympic rower who trained twice on Christmas day because he knew that all of his competitors would only train once on Christmas and feel comfortable about it. That’s the kind of go-getting spirit I want to inspire in all physicians, pharmacists, and all pharmacy/medical personnel that we find jobs for.

Likewise, I’m committed to the success of our Clients, who are the core of our healthcare recruiting agency business. After all, if these Clients weren’t there, there would be no place for our Candidates to work. Our Clients work hard to treat patients every single day, people like you and I, so why wouldn’t we do our very best to support them with skilled Candidates? I think I speak for all of my fellow recruiters when I say that we are here for our Clients and Candidates as professional enablers and friends. We love being able to ensure the success of Canadian healthcare and pharmacy facilities.

I think my personality lends itself well to this role. I’ve always been someone with a very active social life. I would say I’m quite extroverted and outgoing in general. One way I have acted on this in my life is by travelling extensively. In between my undergraduate studies, I would travel around different countries in Asia and try to learn different languages as I travelled, so that I would be able to connect with people. That being said, the languages I speak best are English, Tagalog, and Spanish. Still, studying any language is a valuable thing to train your brain with!

I spent my early years in the Philippines, mostly living with my family in Davao City. I moved to Manila for university, studying Business Administration at Mapúa University. Then, in 2016, I moved to Toronto, where I studied for my Master’s Degree in International Economics and Finance.

I started at RPI Consulting Group in early 2018 and have been applying all of this knowledge since. I really feel at home here, living and working in Toronto, and I look forward to what the next few years will bring!

Any time you want to apply to a full-time, part-time, or locum job in the realm of pharmacy and healthcare, give us a call! This is not just any business, it’s a mission to place staff in a sector that we all depend on, that we are all personally invested in.

Phone: 416-850-9809

Toll-free: 1-866-505-3383


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