When You Are Looking for Your Next General Practitioner Job, Here’s What We Need to Know From You

When you are traversing the job market as a doctor, our physician recruiting agency team will ask a number of questions from you, to better understand your needs.

RPI Consulting Group Inc. is perhaps best known for placing pharmacy personnel in jobs across Canada; but physicians, nurses, and other healthcare personnel should take note of how we can help them, too. When you seek a healthcare job for us, though, you should be aware that we will ask questions of you to find the right full-time, part-time, or locum job for you.

Understanding Your Career Motivations

Before we employ all of our resources to source a medical clinic/healthcare facility for you to work at, we will ask you questions to get a sense of where you are in your career. The resume you provide us is a good place to start, but we prefer to speak with you directly to piece together the different parts of your resume in a cohesive way. Over the phone, we can more accurately sense what motivates you.

We will ask you when you were licensed to practice medicine. We want to know how long you have been practicing, because some clinics need a physician with much more experience.

We will likely ask if you own a clinic, or if you are an associate instead. We will talk about your medical specializations and the focus of your work and studies. This creates a clear picture in our heads as to what kind of clinic you would be most excited to work at.

Other questions that you might have to answer include:

  • What is your favourite part of practicing medicine?
  • How far are you willing to commute to work? Are you willing to relocate to another part of the province

Once we find a position that would be a good fit for your goals and credentials, we will give you some time to review the potential job. After this, we will ask you about your thoughts. Be honest with us! What interests you most about the position, if it does in fact interest you? How do you see yourself adjusting to the new position? We want to hear the truth from you, so that the transition is seamless.

Your Current Work Situation

When you are in the process of considering a new position, it’s important for us to know what your current job is like. If the job we present to you doesn’t actually change much from what you are currently doing, we might be concerned that you will stay at the new position. Likewise, if you are applying for a physician job that is in a totally new type of clinic, we will want to speak with you about how prepared you are to treat patients in a new way.

Things we might ask about your current situation include:

  • What are your current working hours? What type of hours are you looking to work?
  • How many patients do you typically see in a day?
  • What did you bill last year? What’s a rough estimate of how much you would be looking to make at a new position?

Your Current Work and Living Situation

Over the phone, we will break down the process of transitioning away from your current practice. Factors that we might mention include whether you have signed a contract. Based on this, we might ask if there is an out-clause (or more than one).

In terms of living arrangements, we want to know if you are currently tied to a lease for a rental property. How much notice does your landlord require? Or alternatively, do you have a mortgage? The convenience (or inconvenience) of removing yourself from your current place of residence can impact your transition into a new job, and we want to know about this as far in advance as possible.

Everything you tell us will be held with your privacy and confidentiality in mind. At the same time, it will improve your chances of you finding the medical clinic or healthcare facility where you would be most fulfilled.

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