Are you an energetic, confident person who wants to be a COVID-19 screener?

Doctor woman use infrared forehead thermometer gun to check body temperature for virus covid-19 symptoms with the isolation gown or protective suits and surgical face masks outdoor

Across Canada, provinces are giving businesses the green light to start preparing to open up, if they haven’t begun to open up already. While the COVID-19 pandemic is still far from over, it’s only a matter of time until the curve has been flattened enough for a certain degree of normalcy to return to everyone’s lives.

RPI has been approached in recent weeks by several businesses who are looking to hire screeners for COVID-19. In essence, these screeners will stand outside businesses and events – including retail stores, shopping malls, zoos, stadiums, etc. – and screen anyone entering for potential COVID-19 symptoms. Armed with an infrared thermometer and a series of questions, the screeners will make every attempt to ensure that anyone who exhibits symptoms will not be permitted to enter (at the client’s discretion). With all of this being said – what type of person should apply to be a COVID-19 screener?

A background in healthcare is a great asset

For at least the first wave of businesses reopening, COVID-19 screening duties will ideally be performed by someone with an experienced background in healthcare – specifically, registered practical nurses (RPNs). They’ll be best suited to recognize any potential symptoms, and will be well-versed in knowing what to say to any customers or visitors.

Be assertive and in control of any line(s) or crowds

 There’s no question that screening procedures will potentially cause lineups to enter businesses or other establishments, and as such, any screener will need to be able to work their way through the line in a safe but efficient manner. You also need to be able to keep everyone organized and be assertive in your dealings.

Screeners are the first line of defence

The job of a COVID-19 screener is a very important one, and anyone who undertakes it must give 110% at all times – this isn’t a job for anyone who will slack or do a lackluster job. A screener must be patient, thorough, and above all else, as accurate as possible. And while there’s no denying that it can be a tiring, thankless job, it’s very important for the health and safety of a business’s customers and employees.

Understand the importance of your work

We can’t stress this point enough: the job performed by COVID-19 screeners is arguably as important as the work being performed by any frontline healthcare workers during these difficult times. Screeners are essentially working to protect any customers, employees and/or visitors to a business, and should take pride in their work while also understanding the significance of it.

In closing

It’s certainly not a job for everyone, but if you think you’re up to the challenge of working as a COVID-19 screener, get in touch with RPI’s Account Managers today – they’re standing by and ready to answer any questions you may have.

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