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Screening of passengers, travellers for Covid-19 coronavirus symptoms. People may be infected by deadly coronavirus examined, close up shot

At RPI Consulting Group, we know that right now can be a difficult time to be a pharmacist.  If you’ve been working in retail pharmacy and are looking for something new – for example, if you’re tired of being in a retail setting, or you simply want a change of scenery – we have some exciting opportunities available!

We’ve recently been contacted by several of our clients from across the country who are looking to hire pharmacists for COVID-19 screening, testing and vaccinating, and we have many, many opportunities available. If you’ve been working in pharmacy for years but always wondered what it’s like to work another role in healthcare – such as a nurse – this is your chance. Read on to find out more about what we can offer.

Screeners, testers and vaccinators

There’s currently a great need in certain parts of the country – including southern Ontario, northern Alberta, and throughout Saskatchewan – for healthcare employees who are able to conduct COVID-19 tests, screen employees for symptoms, and administer vaccinations. And this need is not just being felt in healthcare environments, but also in large-scale work places, such as manufacturing plants, food distribution centres, and more. We believe that pharmacists are uniquely qualified to undertake this kind of work, as long as they’ve received the proper training and are injection certified (for vaccinations) in good standing. If you’re a pharmacist who thinks you’d excel in such a role, simply contact us today and let us know what part of the country you live in, and when you’d be available to begin work.

What’s in it for you?

There are several reasons why this is a potentially great opportunity for out-of-work pharmacists. First and foremost, you’ll get paid a slightly higher hourly wage for your work, which we think you’ll agree is a major benefit. Additionally, if you’ve been doing relief work for RPI recently, or you have in the past, you won’t need to travel to different locations and pharmacies as frequently, if at all. We have clients who are looking for suitable employees to work for them for months at a time, meaning that you’ll enjoy some steady work. A number of these jobs also take place primarily during daytime hours, leaving your nights free to enjoy how you see fit (although we do also have overnight assignments available as well). Finally, while it may seem like a small thing, you’ll be actively contributing to Canada’s ongoing fight against COVID-19, which is certainly something to be proud of.

In closing

If you feel that you’d be a good for the opportunities that we’ve outlined in this blog, get in touch with our team of Account Managers today – they’re standing by and looking forward to helping you land that job!

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