Registered Pharmacy Technician Needed in London, Ontario for Production Facility Work from Mid November to Early December

It’s not every day that you get the chance to work in a pharmacy production facility! Just think about how good this work experience would look on your resume, especially when you are applying for full-time work.

If you’ve ever worked at a pharmacy production job before, you’ll know that they are different from your typical community pharmacy position. RPI Consulting Group Inc. is looking for a particularly ambitious RPHT who can fill this role with confidence and skill. If you exercise attention to detail in your pharmacy work, and you are located in the southern Ontario region, we want you to reach out to us!

Even if you have never considered living in London, Ontario before, consider this job as a chance to take a professional adventure and stash away money for your own personal investments. Accommodation in London is cheaper than what you would find in Toronto, for example. With the money you save, you could add to your savings and plan for a vacation to the Caribbean over the winter months. The option is yours, so let’s dive in and learn the key points about this job.

The RPHT’s Daily Tasks:

  • You would be working at this relief position from November 15th until December 7th.
  • The technician will work from 9 AM to 5 PM; alternate shifts can take place from 2 PM and 10 PM. You need to be available to work either of these shifts.
  • Although a licensed pharmacist will be watching the production of prescriptions, you must be vigilant in your production quality checks. You will be doing this in alignment with the facility’s production schedule.
  • You will need to accurately produce large volumes of prescriptions, including with the use of blister pack machinery.
  • Maintain a sterile and safe production facility
  • You need to maintain all blister pack machinery in good working order.

What You Need to Bring to the Table:

  • To work as a RPHT, you will need to be a graduate from a CCAPP-accredited RPHT program
  • The client wants you to have knowledge of PACMED and SynMed production machinery.
  • Knowledge of manual blister pack roll-on would be an added asset.
  • You need to be exceptionally organized and capable of working through multiple different tasks in a row.
  • You should be a team player, able to collaborate well with your fellow RPHTs and pharmacists.
  • You need to be a great communicator in English, so that you can listen and apply instructions given to you. You’ll also need to update your supervisors with what has been completed.

If you are interested in this RPHT job, shoot us an email at with your cover letter and resume.

Call us at 416-850-9809

(or call us toll-free at 1-866-505-3383)

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