Growing your Career as a Pharmacy Assistant (Advice to follow: including working relief and locum pharmacy shifts)

Proactive Tips to Advance as a Pharmacy Assistant in the competitive Pharmaceutical Industry


Starting your career as a pharmacy assistant can be an amazingly rewarding experience, knowing that you are helping countless people on a daily basis. Yet, right out of the gate, some may stop and wonder how they are going to successfully grow their career as a pharmacy assistant. Sometimes the answer is in front of them, but at the end of the day most people don’t want to honestly ask themselves this simple, yet hard question.

“How hard am I willing to work towards the next level?”

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Complacency is your enemy

A lot of people think that because they on the other side of the counter that they have made it, and start to accept the status quo. What you really need to ask yourself is:

“Am I really ok with just being another pharmacy assistant?”

“Am I ready to put in the hard work that is necessary to take my career?”

Some people find satisfaction in their role as a pharmacy assistant. As I always say, satisfaction in your work depends on your current state of mind.

Potential next steps

One question you should ask yourself is, “Am I working towards becoming a licensed pharmacist?”

If so, then you may want to put in the extra effort and go the extra mile during your work day to make sure that you are providing the best care for your patients. Self-motivation is the key to making this work for you. You need to make your role as a pharmacy assistant integral to your day-to-day life.

Job satisfaction as a pharmacy assistant can be defined as how much you are self-motivated, content and satisfied with your work. But this doesn’t mean that you need to be working all the time. You need to have down time as well to rest, recover and get yourself ready for another day.

In closing

Some may decide to return to school to become a pharmacy technician. As a pharmacy technician, you will have an opportunity to learn many different skill sets essential to the pharmaceutical industry. You will make connections within the industry, and from here you can make the decision if you want to go the extra mile and become a fully licensed pharmacist.


Ask yourself: where do you want your career to take you?



Author: Leon Alexander

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