When Can You Expect to See Your T4 from RPI Consulting Group Inc?

In case you were wondering, you won’t receive your T4 until later in February!

Tax Preparation for Our Pharmacy and Healthcare Candidates

The T4, also known as a Statement of Remuneration Paid, shows everything you’ve been paid by a particular employer over the last tax year. This is an essential document for filing your taxes in Canada, which determines how much tax you will pay the Canada Revenue Agency.

If you’ve been working for RPI Consulting Group Inc, you probably noticed that your T4 did not arrive right away in the first week of January. Maybe you completed some shifts at the end of last year and are wondering how soon you can get your tax papers in order, so that you can get a tax refund from an accountant or tax preparation company like H&R Block.

The Very Involved Process Behind Sending Your T4

By law, T4s are required to be sent out by February 28th of the next tax year. As you may already know, RPI Consulting Group Inc. is a company with many independent contractors across the entire country. Each of these people will have worked a multitude of shifts in pharmacies or healthcare facilities throughout the year. For every candidate, there can be many Easy Bill invoices, pay stubs, and other documents to process. We pay source deductions (i.e. CPP and EI) for employees, too, which is yet another thing that we must calculate before we can send you a T4.

Your T4 Will Arrive in Time

We ask all of our pharmacy/healthcare personnel to please be patient when waiting for your T4. It takes a lot of time to ensure all candidates’ tax paperwork and T4s are accurate. We know when we are required to send them out and endeavour to send them as promptly as is possible. You can expect to see your T4 arrive as a PDF around February 20th, to the email account you’ve provided to our pharmacy recruiting team.

Once you receive your T4 as a PDF, you can print it out at home and complete your tax filing for the last year.

We hope that this clarifies the matter. Over the last 18 years of business, our recruiting agency has always kept on top of this very important documentation. The reason it takes longer is because we put a lot of care into accuracy!

Written by Monica Phillips


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