Full Time Staff Pharmacist Required Next Month in the Port Alberni, British Columbia Area

If you are from the west coast and want to move away from urban hubs like Vancouver, we have a new full-time pharmacist position to help you settle into a new area.

This small city is in the heart of Vancouver Island, with a view of and access to the surrounding majestic mountains. The average one-bedroom apartment has a rental price of $813 dollars, making it vastly more affordable than Vancouver or Victoria.

The 2016 Canadian census reported that 17,678 people live in Port Alberni. You will have just enough of a local community to keep the volume of prescriptions at a comfortable level without being overwhelming.

Credentials and Duties:

– First of all, it is required that you are licensed to practice as a pharmacist in the province of British Columbia.
– A Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy (B.Sc. Ph.M.) is essential.
– Experience using a pharmacy software platform (especially Delta) is important.
– Checking prescriptions for proper dosage
– Maintaining medical profiles
– Evaluating all labeling and packaging of drugs

Candidate Qualities:

– You must be available to work between 7:30 AM and 4:00 PM from Monday to Friday
– Occasionally, you will start work later and finish later in the evening.
– Although the main pharmacy location is in the city itself, a full, clean driver’s license is required, in the event that you are needed at other locations.
– Confident spoken and written English abilities are essential.
– Leadership abilities would be of great help, as you will sometimes work alongside and guide assistants and technicians to complete auxiliary tasks.
– The successful candidate will be meticulous in their processing of prescriptions.

Rate of Pay:

The successful pharmacist applicant will be paid 40 dollars per hour.

Call Us For More Details at: 416-850-9809
You can also call us toll-free at: 1-866-505-3383
Send your résumé + cover letter to jobs@rpigroup.ca

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