Why is it Convenient to Book Your Relief and Locum Shifts Through RPI Consulting Group Inc.?

The Ease of Finding Work Through Us, Compared to Anyone Else!

Graduating from pharmacy school can be a struggle in itself, and all the resources invested into your future leaves no room to take your education for granted. Graduating is only the first step in your career – entering the pharmacy workforce is a greater challenge in itself. Today, many new graduates face difficulties landing a full-time job after graduating. All the hours poured into placements and internships do not account for much experience, and upon graduating, you can find yourself dropping down the pecking order.

The situation continues to get tougher for newly-graduated pharmacists, especially with a large volume of internationally educated pharmacists entering the workforce. This has greatly saturated the market in cities across the country. The only way a newly licensed pharmacist could start off their career landing a full-time job is if they target rural opportunities. For new pharmacists to have more options in their search for full-time opportunities, they would have to gain a lot of experience to put them back into the spotlight and the main way to gain experience is through relief work.

Where to Start?

How does a newly graduated pharmacist work relief? Generally, after graduating, pharmacists reach out to their placement pharmacies or vice-versa to work vacant shifts that the internal staff are unavailable to fulfill. This is the most logical approach but, in most cases, the relief opportunity is extremely low given that your placement pharmacy is the only pharmacy in your network.

How does a pharmacist grow their network? This is where relief agencies come in. There are a number of relief agencies spread across Canada that have formed their very own network of pharmacies and pharmacists, and these networks can help new pharmacists gain more experience than they would have on their own. But in order to gain the right experience, pharmacists have to ensure that they choose the agency that can provide them with the most opportunities.

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RPI Is Here For You

RPI Consulting Group has been the first-choice for leading pharmacies across the country to service their staffing needs for over two decades. With a client roster of over 35,000 pharmacies, pharmacists are able to effectively gain valuable experience faster than any other method.

RPI Consulting Group’s team of experienced recruiters are able to assess every relief opportunity personally and effectively place the right match between pharmacies and pharmacists. In addition to the incredible industry exposure, pharmacists are also provided access to an online portal that helps organise their relief career. Over 115,000 Pharmacists use RPI Consulting Group as their first choice relief agency and so should you.

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