RPI’s Relief Pharmacists Are Covered By WSIB

If you are a relief or locum pharmacist, you are covered by us through the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (and its provincial equivalents)


Whether you decide to book a pharmacist for temporary work that might span a couple of weeks to a month or a single day, you can have peace of mind knowing that RPI Consulting Group makes all necessary source deductions, including WSIB. Although employment agencies have developed a reputation for avoiding these contributions, potentially putting independent contractors at serious risk and liability if an accident were to occur, RPI Consulting has been making the necessary contributions, paying into the province-wide insurance fund that is run by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board for over two decades.


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Why Is This Important?


The significance of making these contributions and being covered by the WSIB allows our independent contractors to work freely without the need for concern if a particular accident was to occur on a job while under contract by RPI Consulting Group. As mentioned earlier, other agencies have avoided making these necessary contributions in order to save costs By avoiding these contributions, businesses who decide to use such an agency are putting their own business at great harm if an accident were to occur.  Not only would the candidate have a claim to a potential suit, the client who was hired by the agency would be at great risk, with potentially devastating consequences on all those involved.


Finding Out Information By Asking For a Clearance Certificate

If you ever apply to work as a relief or locum pharmacist and have doubts about whether the pharmacy had WSIB coverage, the solution is as simple as asking the pharmacy. If you ask for a clearance certificate, or any other proof or record of their coverage, the pharmacy should be able to provide you information about their WSIB coverage.


But why leave yourself in such a predicament? If you sign up with us at RPI Consulting Group, we organize WSIB coverage so that you don’t need to worry about contacting employers to determine whether they will provide WSIB coverage, no matter which province the job you are applying for is located!

In Closing


Apart from the necessary WSIB contributions, RPI Consulting Group also incorporates a wide range of other source deductions within the cost associated with placing healthcare professionals. We also operate with liability insurance to ensure that both our candidates and clients are protected.


Written by Mark Hojsan

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