As a Pharmacy Assistant, Why Do Recruiters Look for Longevity On Your Resume?

When RPI Consulting Group Inc. is reviewing your resume, we tend to look for longevity in the previous pharmacies that you have worked at. Read more to understand why.

Measuring Your Performance

While this may seem arbitrary, the reason we look for longevity on your resume is to get an idea about how effective you have been as a pharmacy assistant in the past.

When we see that you have only been at a pharmacy for one or two months, it shows us that you were not the best candidate for their pharmacy. Otherwise they would have kept you on staff as a pharmacy assistant.

When we see that you have been working at a pharmacy for a minimum for 1 to 2 years. It shows us that you possess loyalty towards your pharmacy and you’re not looking to engage in ‘job hopping’ every few months for your own personal benefit.

“But I have always heard good things about my work ethics, why does this matter?”

Some employers will not be upfront with you as to your performance at their pharmacy. People have a tendency to avoid these difficult conversations. They may even let you go out of the blue and tell you that it’s for another reason altogether.

That’s why it’s always better to be upfront and honest with one another. Only by being honest can we know where we are failing in life. Then we can start to address the problem at hand.

Thinking Long-Term

When you work at any place of employment, it is always better to consider how things will look 1 to 2 years from now. You never know what opportunities life may bring you. You never know what relationships you form will evolve down the line. Someone that you help today may be able to help you in return down the line.

You can always reach out to me via LinkedIn as well.

Continue to shine every day, hard work is a good thing!”

Written by Leon Alexander

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