Pharmacy Manager Job Alert: Do You Want the Prestige of Managing Two Pharmacies? Move Up To Northeast Alberta, not too far from Fort Chipewyan

This pharmacy manager position starts on October 1st. You will have the chance to work as a pharmacy manager and simultaneously operate two community branches of a large national pharmacy company.

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According to RentBoard, in this area, you can rent a two bedroom condominium for $1607 per month. Your bonus will cover most of this, leaving you over $7,000 dollars per month to save or invest. Earn more, explore your inner outdoor enthusiast, and make memories for a lifetime. Here is what this job involves:

Essential Skills–

– It is important that you have at least one year of pharmacy manager experience, to be able to manage the workload and volume of both locations.
– Knowledge of at least one pharmacy software platform is important, even if some training with new software is necessary.
– You must be a licensed pharmacist in the province of Alberta.
– The successful candidate should know how to competently lead a team of pharmacists, technologists, and assistants.
– Business development and distribution experience would be an asset.

Working Hours and Compensation–

– You will be working full time hours.
– Your pay rate would be 47 dollars per hour.
– The two pharmacies you will be working at are accessible to each other by car, with an expectation that you will work at both locations.

This job would not only be a sound financial decision, but an upgrade for your quality of life. It’s a chance to get away from the stress and high cost of living in the big cities of Canada.

Apply Now! Send your resume and cover letter to or call us at: 416-850-9809

(or toll-free: 1-866-505-3383)

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