Take These Precautions If You Supply a Locum Pharmacist to Work on Your Behalf

There are several things you need to confirm before someone can work in your place as a pharmacist for one of our Clients.

If you look at the RPI Pharmacy Relief Agreement, you will find a few clauses detailing your rights and responsibilities as a locum pharmacist. If you were a staff pharmacist, you yourself would have to be the person working at the pharmacy. However, as a contractor and sole proprietor, you are able to hire someone on your behalf, provided you follow a few conditions:

Clause (d) stipulates:

“d. Prior to engaging a locum pharmacist to fulfill the Locum’s obligations under this Contract for Services, the Locum agrees to inform RPI which locum pharmacist(s) will perform the services at the Location during the times set out above.”

If you elect to have a licensed pharmacist work instead of you for any agreed-upon shifts, you absolutely must tell RPI Consulting Group Inc, your pharmacy recruiting agency, who it is that is substituting for you. We need to know this for a number of reasons, including the simple fact that our Client needs to know who is arriving for work on the days specified on your contract.

“e. The Locum agrees to supply a locum pharmacist in good standing with the applicable Pharmacy Regulatory Authority for all dates of assignments under this Contract for Services who has the appropriate licensing, education, skills, software fluency and knowledge required to operate independently and autonomously at the Location. The Locum agrees to provide evidence of the foregoing before engaging a locum pharmacist to fulfil the Locum’s obligations under this Contract for Services.”

On top of informing us who is substituting for you as a relief pharmacist, you need to ensure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the locum pharmacist working instead of you is fully licensed and is in good standing with the provincial college of pharmacy connected to the place of work. If the locum pharmacist job is in Alberta, for example, the locum pharmacist you supply must have a clean record with the Alberta College of Pharmacy.

“f. Where the locum pharmacist supplied by the Locum is known to RPI and has been found to be lacking in the requisite skill and knowledge to operate independently or autonomously at the Location or the Client has lodged a complaint with RPI about the particular locum pharmacist, RPI may require the Locum to provide an alternative locum pharmacist.”

To this end, we may review the locum pharmacist you are supplying. If they do not have the necessary skills to adequately do the job of a pharmacist, we may ask you to source another pharmacist. It is your responsibility, based on this clause, to find an alternative if we deem that the pharmacist you provide is not suitable.

“g. If the Client requires an urgent extension for the provision of a locum pharmacist that is currently onsite at the Location, the Locum and/or its locum pharmacist is permitted to negotiate the timing of the urgent extension with the Client directly. If the Locum and/or its locum pharmacist negotiate a timing extension with the Client, RPI shall pay the Locum for the additional services performed by a locum pharmacist at the rate set out above, once the Locum provides RPI with the Client’s written confirmation that the Client requested the additional services and the Locum and/or its locum pharmacist performed them.”

If our Client requests an extension for you or your locum pharmacist’s working contract, you are permitted to negotiate that extension. But you must provide proof of that request from the Client before we will pay you for the extension. On top of wanting to know about how your contractual work is going, we need to know that you are being honest about any additional hours you claim.

We hope that your contractual obligations are very clear and transparent. If anything isn’t clear, give us a call or send us an email!

Written by Sara Jian




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